All operations and activities that are performed by Fosen Bo & Catering AS must always be in compliance with regulations and provisions in “Arbeidsmiljøloven”. We will endeavor to make everything we do to cause the least possible harm to people, environment and equipment.

Our primary and stated goal is that we will have zero – 0 – accidents and injuries, and 100% safety and job satisfaction.

To achieve the objective,  FBC must, as a company, its executives and employees, recognize the responsibility that lies on us to plan and carry out activities in a manner that is consistent with policy and legislation in the areas we operate, so no one gets hurt as a result of our operations.

Managers as well as employees must commit to familiarize themselves and comply with the systems and policies that apply to FCB or are imposed to us by our surroundings. Managers and employees must receive appropriate education and training, and FCB shall ensure that systems and aids are available and updated at any time.

In FCB we see this as a continuous improvement process that should always be an important part of our development and growth.